Find the support you need as we navigate times of great challenge and change, what is known in Incan prophecy as the "Pachacuti," a turning over of the earth bringing the end of a way of life and the birth of a new.

When the Spanish arrived in Peru their world was turned upside down and the Incan empire came to an end. This was the last Pachacuti. Their 500 year cycle and prophecy predicts the next Pachacuit is coming to pass now! Their prophecy is of time of turmoil and the death of the world as we know it, out of which the potential for a new human and a golden age will arise. How can we be part of the new?

2022 medicine for these times 1 minDespair and hopelessness are heavy in the world atmosphere as the effects of humankind’s destructive and irresponsible relationship to the earth and one another is evident in global climate change and pollical upheaval. Huge numbers of species are going extinct and we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Shaman and medicine people know how essential it is to connect to and energize a brighter vision and come back into right stewardship and relationship with Nature.

Medicine for These Times brings people together to reconnect to our Mother the earth and claim a path of health and meaning through these challenging times.

Over two days we will:

  • Acknowledge our fears and limiting beliefs
  • Deepen our understanding of the Prophecies for these times.
  • Use energetic practices to examine the shadows we project on the world.
  • Engage in Sacred Ceremony in groups and individually for healing and Visioning
  • Explore through Divination and other means our individual path forward
  • Claim a greater vision personally and collectively

We are Spiritual Warriors “with no enemies in this world or the next!” It is time to walk this truth in the world and energize new hope and vision.


Medicine for These Times

*Prerequisite: Gateway I

Reconnect to Mother earth and claim a path of health and meaning through these challenging times.

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