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    The Gateway School of Shamanism

    Dedicated to supporting individuals and communities through ancient energy medicine practices.

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Shamanic Healing

Feeling depressed? Haunted by past emotional traumas? Plagued by chronic illness or a weak immune system? Shamanic energy sessions may help.

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The Gateway School

The Gateway School of Shamanism is a pathway to personal healing in a new era! Join a growing community of people who are ready to participate in individual and collective evolution.

Note: The Gateway School is closed until further notice.

The Mentoring Program

Basic Mentoring is for Gateway Students and offers an opportunity to explore and discuss materials and processes learned in class.

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  • Thank you for the most wonderful, and life changing journey I could not and would not have experienced without you. The on going process is amazing. So much is just foaming over the top and evaporating.
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We offer personal shamanic healings, classes, & sacred ceremonies.