Healing Sessions

What is Energy Medicine?

Rather than focusing on a cure as in western medical traditions, shamans relate to the whole person and track the origins of the symptom to its source. Illness is believed to have an energetic origin event can be recent or long ago and beyond immediate recall. The trauma leaves an energetic imprint that if left unattended and unhealed, can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Therefore the shaman tracks for and addresses the origins of this trauma at the energetic level, thereby removing the imprint and its influence on our health and well being.

Sometimes we may have trouble freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs which result in repetitive and damaging patterns of behavior. Our mental, emotional and spiritual well being may be compromised, despite our best efforts to change. Shamanic healing is a powerful tool for tracing the roots of the issue to its energetic source, rather than focusing on the all too familiar story. From this energetic origin our affinity for the issue can be transformed. This in turn frees us from old binding thought and behavior patterns and connects us to our dreams and the infinite possibilities available to us

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