Gateway II consists of 4 classes specializing in mastering the traditional healing skills of the Shaman. Our goal is to discover the student’s own gifts and abilities within a curriculum that focuses on the mastery of tracking and tuning into the client, chakra balancing, journeying in the 3 worlds, soul retrieval, extraction processes, psychopomp work and death rites. The Healing processes of Gateway II bring balance to the body, to the soul, and to the earth. Shamanic Healing practices have re-emerged at the leading edge of skills supporting individual and community health and well being!

Class 1

Advanced tracking and client assessment.
Chakra balancing and attunement
Working with our healing Guides

Class 2

Extraction processes:
   1. Crystallized
   2. Fluid
   3. Cord cutting

Class 3

Soul Retrieval
Journeying in the 3 worlds

Class 4

Advanced Soul Retrieval
Death Rites
Psychopomp work

Gateway II Schedule

Learning the skills of a shaman


* Students may retake classes for a discounted price

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