The Gateway Program I—Ancient Shamanic practices for personal healing

The Gateway Program is a pathway to personal healing in a new era. We live in times of great challenge and great spiritual potential. The Indian Vedas point to human kind’s evolutionary potential in what Sri Aurobindo called the emergence of the Supramental Body.  The Qero Shaman of Peru have passed on the 9 rites of initiation, energetic codes for becoming the new human, a homoluminous Being. The Prophesies of the Americas speak of a new species of man who lives free of fear and resides in their transcendental nature. Join us in entering the Gateway to a new era. We will explore and participate in ancient and new alchemical healing practices to awaken undreamed of potentials. You will receive the shamanic rites of passage to heal and grow your “homoluminous” body. The gateway between the worlds is thinning and amazing support and healing is available to us now! Join a growing community of people who are ready to participate in individual and collective evolution.

In these classes we will:

  • Build a Power Bundle or “Personal Altar” to hold your healing and potential.
  • The Power Bundle will consist of personal objects and stones utilized in your healing journey throughout the course. These sacred objects can later be used in the practices of healing others, as taught in Gateway II.
  • Learn the wisdom teachings of shamanic and earth based societies.
  • Participate in ancient and new alchemical practices for personal healing.
  • Receive the traditional shamanic rites of healing and evolution. Track your own evolutionary life path.
  • Learn to anchor yourself in Timelessness where you can heal the past and access future healed states to download them in the present.
  • Participate in and learn how to hold sacred rituals for yourself and yourcommunity.
  • Activate and grow your second sight through receiving the “Seer’s Rites” to become consummate “seers” and trackers in the invisible realms. This is an essential skill when healing and working with others.

This series consists of a commitment to 4 classes:

Entering the Gate

This begins our quest on the road to personal freedom. The healing of our wounds unleashes our spiritual fire and fuels our becoming! We begin to assemble a personal altar, a Power Bundle to hold our healing and empowerment. Students will receive the first set of shamanic rites woven into the luminous energy field to heal and realign energetically. We begin an engagement with the three worlds known to the shaman as Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. Here we begin to connect with guides and teachers to bring balance and beauty to our lives.


Our greatest enemy is fear and our greatest fear is Death. All earth based, shamanic cultures, heal the way Death lives within. Death becomes an ally as we experience the great Death Rites. We will continue to add to our Power Bundle as we heal the way Death and its many life draining manifestations through mental, emotional and physical challenges have claimed many of our ancestors and may live within us. Having freed ourselves of limiting ancestral themes we will honor and celebrate in ceremony the gifts we have inherited and wish to grow in our lives.


The Spiritual Journey begins. We have addressed primary issues in the first two classes and the student’s journey now quantum leaps into dancing with the Wisdom teachings that can only be experienced, not taught.  We will call on our personal lineage of spiritual guides and teachers to inform our work. Our Power Bundle takes on new significance as a portal to stepping us outside of time. This is the domain of the shaman’s flight into the worlds where lost soul parts are retrieved and future healed states are accessed. The rites of shamanic passage are given to further prepare the student’s luminous energy field.


The student is now ready to experience the final initiation. We will download the codes of the new human through the shamanic rites of homoluminous. Our task becomes one of opening to the beauty of our evolutionary Self. We will continue to work with our Power Bundle to track and anchor in gifts and potentials that have been waiting for us. We are now sourcing from our Becoming and have released the threads of the past. We are connecting to a luminous world community that envisions and contributes to the dreams of possibility for the planet. We look forward to exploring and activating a rich new World Dream together!


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