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Empowering a sacred dream for your life through Individual phone consultations, group phone sessions, and three master classes.

Have you wished you could experience the type of personal mentoring and empowerment of a sacred life path available in many tribal societies?  Have you wondered what to do next now that you have completed so many personal growth classes? How does a person who has been touched by the sacred enter into a purposeful narrative with the modern world?


  • Evaluate dreams, sleeping and awake, to engage meaningful symbols and direct guidance on the journey.
  • Students will be asked to keep a sacred journal of dreams, journeys, synchronism and experiences in nature during the program. This may also include drawings and poetry.
  • Journeying to engage personal guides and life directions.
  • Learn how to engage the voices and signs of Nature.
  • Build a destiny Altar to hold our dreams and life direction.
  • Energize our purpose through personal rituals and ceremonies.
  • Use ancient tools of divination and tracking to get answers for our life journey.
  • Students will receive individual attention during classes and in between through phone consultations drawing and building on the student's own experiences. Suggestions for specific rituals and ways to energize the journey will be offered between class and phone sessions.
  • Group phone sessions and email will call us into continued sharing and rich support within the structure of community.
  • Build individual skills and tools for empowering and holding the student’s medicine walk. The last class will include a mini vision quest in which each student will take his/her own profound questions to be answered in Nature.
  • At the final class we will share, sing, dance and celebrate the wild, Sacred Self and give evidence of the growing meaningfulness and joy in our lives!

Program Structure

  • 3 Advanced Classes held approximately every 2 months. Offers the opportunity to deepen one’s path within community.
  • 3 group phone conversation 1 1/2 hour each
  • 3 private half hour phone mentoring sessions


Advanced Dreaming & Manifestion

*Prerequisite: Gateway I

Empowering a sacred dream for your life through three master classes, individual phone consultations, and group phone sessions.



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